Tunisian Words of Amazigh Origin

Download this document at: http://works.bepress.com/mejrissi/6/.


2 thoughts on “Tunisian Words of Amazigh Origin

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  2. Do you have any information about detail history about Abu Zakariya Yahya (1203–1249)?
    The Article “Tunisia’s Amazigh Identity: Deeply Embedded, Little Recognized” at the Tunisia-live.net was an inspiring one for me because it reminded me about my mom, my ants, my grand-ma wear ‘Malya’ and have the tattoo on their faces…
    I did not see that “The constitution is a stab in the back. A complete denial to the Tunisian identity,” I see it for all Tunisians Berbers or not.
    Mr. Jihed Mejrissi did a great job in telling Tunisians about my mom and others who were perceived ignorant and why they have tattoo in their faces and wear the ‘Malya’, etc..
    By the way, I am from Mhedbi family. I am doing a research myself to be put in my book and found that my great-great grandfather came from Morocco. He is now buried n Sidi Mhedeb in Skhira , Governorat of Sfax. According to the Skhira website, that Sidi Mhedeb was brought by Abu Zakariya Yahya (1203–1249) who was the founder and first leader of the Hafsid dynasty in Ifriqiya to help in tribal trade problems and to organize Ezzitouna Mosque library….
    His Son (Sidi Mohamed Ennouikes) had five children who in turn generated five fractions according to Tunisia National Archives.
    Again, please, email me more info on Amazigh origin….

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